Be Personally Empowered

Break Down Perceived Barriers and Move Through Your Fears So You Can Build Your Self ConfidenceAnd Experience an Enhanced Connection with Yourself and Others.

Remove perceived barriers and overcome fears – Building Your Self-Confidence…
And, experience authentic connection between you and others!


Are limiting beliefs like these keeping you stuck?

  • You’re frustrated about not connecting to others.
  • Finding it difficult to communicate what you want and need.
  • Does it feel like someone else is running or ruining your life?
  • Fed up thinking like you’re never going to fit in.
  • Believing there’s purpose in your life.
  • Are you feeling lonely, angry or overwhelmed?
  • Tired of being stuck, not listened to or valued as a person?
  • I’m not understood!
Feel Personally Empowered in all situations – at any time – living a fully Self Empowered Life


What you’ll Discover and experience in our workshop –

  • What’s preventing you from connecting to yourself and with others
  • Specific techniques you can use daily to manage yourself in an instant
  • Leaning how you can feel relaxed and connected
  • Easily communicate with others so you feel heard and valued
  • How to quiet your mind without sitting for hours and meditating
  • Belief in your abilities and confidence in your home, work and social environments
  • How to easily find and access ‘YOUR UNIQUEness’
  • Become ‘teflon coated’ to people’s negativity!
  • Find our what really matters to you – and makes your Heart sing
  • Access courage on demand
  • Stand in your own power confidently!

This is not a magical method which changes you overnight, nor will it rid you of deep-seated phobias.This is quite simply, the most essential step you can take toward empowering your life!

There’s no ‘magic overnight cure’ – nor will you rid yourself of deep-seated phobias…
There IS a simple, essential step by step process you can use, taking your forward, more positively in your life!

Date :        11th March 2017
Venue :     Woodhill Sanctuary, Woodhill
Time :        Registration (Meet & Greet) 9.15am     Start 9.30am; Lunch 1.00pm; Finish 4.00pm
Includes:  Morning Tea; Wear comfortable clothing; Parking free on-site
BYO Lunch to eat onsite (rural setting away from food outlets).



Regular Price: $197.00


  • Enhance Your Personal Empowerment – 10 minutes a Day (Daily Focus Visualisation Audio).
  • 12 Tips to Empower Yourself (Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually) (PDF eBook report).
  • 30 minute 1:1 Skype or Phone Session with Angela (When paid before 10th February).


Personally Empowered is held in a group format, with a complete self-study thought/action system. This 1-day course is hands on teaching accompanied with a Workbook for Students.

About Angela Barrows

A Personal Empowerment Expert who specialises in working with people, empowering them to break through and overcome personal challenges. She is known as “The Empowerment Coach” world renowned for sharing her message of “Personally Empowered;” “Empower Yourself and “Stop waiting for Someone Else to Make You Feel Good.”

She believes – Life begins with Personal Empowerment!


Angela is Founder of “The Empowerment Show,” a USA based Radio Show. She’s Internationally recognised as an Empowerment Speaker, NLP Trainer and holds oversees Personal Empowerment Workshops in New Zealand and Online… With extensive training and development within the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (the Science and Art of Language), she has trained extensively with International self-development leaders such as Tony Robbins, John Kehoe, James Malenchek and others. Angela has been running Spiritual and Personal Development workshops for over 7 years, teaching Emotional well-being and advanced Spiritual methods to help others develop access to higher levels of being.

Her workshop is experiential and interactive and you will increase your Spiritual-awareness and discover more about yourself.

Angela is:

  • an International NLP (Neurological Linguistic Programming) Trainer.
  • Strategic Invention Coach.
  • experienced and trained in multiple methodologies from Psych-K, Hypnotherapy, Multiple Brain Integration Technique
  • Time Line Therapy and more.

Bringing a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and expertise to her clients, she is passionate about combining the power of the Soul, Mind and Body. Guiding and supporting you to ‘be in the driver’s seat’ of your life, and in all the areas of life you highly value. An example is having better quality relationships and balance between your business and personal life, becoming more effective overall. This includes developing your spiritual connection within yourself and others…In ANY AREA of your life. Angela understands we all experience personal challenges in life which allow us to grow and mature. She has trained and succeeded at an Elite level of competitive martial arts and other competitive sports; understanding the necessity of having access to a Coach and Mentor for support and empowerment to achieve any aspirations or goals.