When you are thinking a thought have you seen the thought as you think it?

The answer would be NO.

We cannot see our thoughts as they are happening, however can’t even hear our thought as it happens. We see the outcome of the thought.

It is so important to be consciously aware of what you are thinking so you can take more control of your own thoughts before you think them. Most of us don’t even think about this. We just accept our thoughts that run through our mind are what they are supposed to be. Not so!

Remember this phrase: The Thoughts you think control your mind, they direct and control your life! It’s true. Whatever controls your mind, controls your actions and your outcomes. We must learn to consciously control our thoughts. Yes, we can actually control our thinking.

You have to focus attention on changing your thoughts just only one time, you have to make it a habit to be conscious aware to think positive – to think success – to think health or to think positive about your goal. If it is very true that your thoughts become actions which become things, then we create our results. If we are not obtaining the results we want, we probably have to consciously change our thoughts to change our life so we get better results.

It sounds a lot easier than it actually is. We are so use to thinking a specific way, mostly negative. If we stand in a supermarket line, it then becomes the slowest one. If we plan for a holiday and spend outside it starts raining. If we apply for a certain job, we think someone else will be promoted before we do, these may sound familiar?. etc.

We all have some tendencies to have negative thoughts, No one is free from this way of thinking. We are almost taught to expect the worst – so we do not get let down and disappointed if our goals don’t happen as we want them to. It seems a bit ironic to use our time with thinking and creating bad situations and hopes that may never happen?  Instead of enjoying our time and creating positive thoughts and future images.

Back to your thoughts. You cannot fight thoughts with thoughts. You fight thoughts with words. When you receive a negative thought in your mind, don’t sit there and entertain the thought. You must speak out loud immediately and say “NO, I don’t accept that and replace the thought with Words that line up more positively towards your desired outcome or something good you want to see. You then learn to be a thought creator instead of letting your thoughts control you.

Start changing your thoughts today, and see how your life changes.