Raukura – Maori Medicine Woman is of Ngaitai (Tainui) and Ngati Hine decent.  She is a Natural Therapist, Rongoa Practitioner, ‘Kaha Ra’ Mirimiri Therapist, Celebrant, Teacher, Alchemist, Artist and Beauty Therapist.

Raukura ‘s current life purpose it to share her gifts, talents and passions to empower others to reach their full potential in a balanced and holistic way through Rongoa, healthy living and connecting to their bliss.

Raukura is the founder of the Kaha Ra Centre of Rongoa & Holistic studies which manufactures an Organic consciously created brand of Rongoa based holistic ‘We Love Rongoa’ healthcare and skincare products.  The Kaha Ra Centre of Rongoa & Holistic studies – Hosts and teaches a wide range of workshops that aim to raise the vibration of humanity and heal the planet on a collective level.

Raukura’s latest offering is to bring through the Rise of the Maori Medicine Woman which is a 13 moon apprenticeship training; teaching indigenous plant medicines, ceremony, rituals and ancient body work practice.  At its core essence it’s aim is to bring Rise to the divine feminine consciousness and empowerment of women on the planet at this time.