Be Spiritual Inspired

Develop your Soul Bliss and Enhance Your Spiritual Connection with Yourself and Others.

Shine through your Soul, Align your Energy, meet your guides and start working with them in 6 weeks.

  • Have you ever felt frustrated when you can’t seem to connect to a higher being, Higher consciousness or to channel guides and communicate with Angels or loved ones on the other side?
  • Or you can see them (or feel them) but can’t understand what they’re trying to communicate?
  • Do you feel spirit around but not sure who (or what) it is?
  • Have you being sitting in spiritual development circles (or been meditating for years) but still can’t hear or see spirit or angels?
  • Do you know stuff was going to happen before it happened?Not sure what your dreams mean?

Be Spiritual Inspired is a complete self-study spiritual thought/action system. As a six part (week/Session)  curriculum consisting of a 2 hours hands on teaching sessions accompanied with Workbook for Students.

What you’ll  Discover:

  • YOUR SOUL CONNECTION Points, why you can’t meditate and why chakras are ‘Olde school’ & not relevant now.
  • What is preventing you from connecting to higher beings/Loved Ones so you can break through to open up and receive.
  • Specific techniques to centre yourself in an instant so you can connect/channel to higher beings
  • How to open communication channels to hear, see, feel and smell on all levels
  • How to quiet (and come out of) your mind without sitting for hours and meditating
  • How to gain belief in your abilities as a Clairvoyant/Medium/Spirit and Angel Communicator
  • Find ‘YOUR UNIQUE WAY’ of bringing through messages and Energy
  • How to keep yourself clear of other people’s energy, to Go Separate, to keep your energy clear

Start Date: Wednesday 5th April 2017                Time:
Venue:  Meadowood CommunityCentre , 55 Meadowood Dr , Unsworth Heights Auckland 0632   

Investment: $150.00






  • Enhance Your Spiritual Development in 10 minutes a Day (Daily Focus Visualisation Audio)
  • 30 minute 1/1 Skype or Phone Session with Angela (When paid in full. Value $70)

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