About Angela Barrows

Angela Barrows is an internationally recognised Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium. She has had  extensive training and development with Tony Robbins and is also trained as a master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and experienced and trained in multiple methodologies from Psych-K, Hypnotherapy, Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT) ,Time Line Therapy and more.

Angela brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and expertise to her practise and business. She is passionate about combining the power of the Soul, Mind and Body; she guides and supports you to be in the ‘driver’s seat’ of your life, in all the areas of life that is important to you, for example; having better quality relationships in business and your personal life, being more effective with your time, including developing your spiritual connection with yourself and others…In ANY AREA of your life.

She has overcome health challenges from birth, having several holes in her heart to a lazy eye, speech impediment, Including the personal challenges a young child has to deal with when they are spiritually gifted. She understands we all experience personal challenges in life, this is what allows us to grow and mature. She has trained and succeeded at an Elite level of competitive martial arts and other competitive sports and understands the necessity of having access to a coach and mentor for support and empowerment to achieve any aspirations.

Angela has worked successfully in the Corporate environment for many years and is now working for herself, she loves the freedom and lifestyle that working from home provides and it allows her to work with people from all walks of life and be part of their journey when they cause breakthroughs in their lives.

As a leading, internationally recognised Psychic Medium, Angela brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and the expertise required to help her clients gain the ability to lead empowered lives. I am happy to recommend Angela Barrows from my own personal experience as a Psychic Clairvoyant Expert and a life coach. Angela is a very special lady. Angela is a spiritual leader that really makes a difference to your life and is a development expert who specialises in all aspects of Life coaching. Nigel Cotton

Managing Director, Make It Happen Consultants - Take Action

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